Friday, May 16, 2008

I am...

Originally when I first started this blog my intentions were to focus on homeschooling. Well we have survived our first year and are thrilled with our decision. However, homeschooling does not define me. I am much more than this.
I am.....
  • a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend
  • a life long learner
  • a teacher
  • an entrepreneur and business owner
  • a used-to-be and hope-to-be-again-soon runner!
  • a person who deals with being celiac every day
  • a-wanna-be artist
  • a singer and dancer in front of my kids and husband
  • a hope-to-be-done-soon renovator (and so does Heinrich!)
  • a road tripper
  • a hiker
  • a traveller
  • many things!
Anyhow, the point to all of this, is that from now on this blog will not just be about homeschooling and our journey, it will be about the many facets of our life. My wonderful husband is also a big part of this picture but due to the nature of his job, we keep posts about him to a minimum!

Gee....does this photo look like anyone you know?
Have a great long weekend everyone!

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