Monday, October 28, 2013

Co-op Oct. 1, 2013

Our brains were woken with a game of bananagrams. Everyone worked together to help each other use their tiles effectively.

 We continued our work with factors and prime and composite numbers.  We had some fun with alliteration and then discussed the main characters in Runaway King.

Today we also did some science. We went over the scientific method and how to write up a science report. We did two experiments. One on density and one on viscosity. They had to write up their hypotheses and their findings once the experiment was underway. We created liquid layers to demonstrate the different densities. I know that many have done this one before but it's a fun one and they always love it! They we studied viscosity and what that word means. We timed different liquids as they were poured down a ramp. For the second part of the experiment, we heated the liquids and retested. We compared the findings and discussed variables that could have affected our findings (eg. air temp cooling down the liquids).

The rest of the day was spent on reading The Runaway King and finishing the portraits. I think they turned out great! 

Co-op Sept. 24, 2013

 I'm a bit behind on writing up my blog posts so I'm having to go through my notes and refresh my memory. This is what I 'think' we did! :)

Started the day with a math problem challenge. Mickey and Henry were determined to solve this one! And they did!
 Next, using a 100s chart we practiced our factors with a partner.

Using an idea from Brave Writer for Scavenger Poems, we used the words we collected last week from the magazines and the kids had to compose a poem.

We continued our study of The Runaway King and then started our portrait art. I love this project. It ensures that everyone will be successful! Can't ask for anything more. See the results in next week's blog post.

 1. Take a photo.

2. copy the photo with line work.

3. Colour the photo with one of three different colour combinations; realistic, warm colours, cool colours. We watched a video on colour theory and reviewed.