Monday, June 16, 2008


Heinrich had a great Father's Day. He was thrilled. It started with the kids jumping into bed which isn't much different than any other weekend morning! Mason had made a card earlier in the week and presented it to Daddy. He was so excited. Mickey went to the kitchen and quickly drew one up! I bought Heinrich a Jamie Oliver cookbook....I know...weird! He's been wanting one for a while and thought that this might be a good occasion. While I don't enjoy cooking during the week, I see food and cooking as an event. That's why I love having company. It gives me an excuse to try dishes and make a big deal out of eating. Our friend Candace goes all out when she cooks. It's a whole experience. It helps that her kitchen, house and surroundings are beautiful and that she's Italian and LOVES to cook. I think I've only once seen her use a cookbook. Visits to her place always have us in the kitchen around her island. I'm scared to pitch in for fear of doing something wrong!! Although she's vegetarian and eats better than anyone I know or have read about, her food tastes good! Anyhow, Heinrich is always raving about her cooking and always says that he wants to cook more...hence the gift of a cookbook. I thought that over the summer we could work our way through some recipes and create many memorable family and friend moments!

After a big breakfast we hopped in the car and headed up to Collingwood. Heinrich wanted to check out a bed that he's going to have his Dad replicate. After discovering that the store was closed (oops, should have called first), we walked around Blue Mountain Village and then headed over to Wasaga. Luckily we had the kids bathing suits with us and they were able to go swimming. Not much of the day was planned but it turned out great. The kids didn't mind the hours in the car and we really had some great family bonding. That's what Father's Day should be all about.

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