Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boy's Day Out

So today the boys had a day out. Heinrich took Mason rock climbing with some friends while Mommy and Mickey had a girl's day (aka running errands)! I'm trying very hard not to question or give "to do" lists (as of two weeks ago) so when Heinrich planned this, I let him run with it. Well, I ended up getting a call to bring Mason his running shoes. :) I rushed home, grabbed his shoes, and off Mickey and I went to the Grotto. I was secretly thrilled because I'd get to see my little guy try the wall (even though he won't go near it at gymnastics). He did really well. I was so proud of him because I know he was scared. It helped to have a peer there who had done it before. And he did even better after Mommy left! :( After climbing they went out for lunch and then back to the other family's house for some play.

Rock climbing is a really neat sport. To be honest, I thought the club was going to be really intimidating and it was quite the opposite. It was relatively inexpensive for the amount of time they were there. It's something too that they can progress at and they're competing only with themselves and no one else. No one else is watching, nor cares!

We've really made an effort this year at having time with each child separately. Mickey especially is so different on her own. We also try and give them different extracurricular options. It's not always easy. It can be very expensive and can be time consuming. But I think it's good for them to be apart and to find their own way. Neither one of them makes a fuss when we leave and easily goes to their new coaches or teachers. Last year Mason did an art class, tennis and music on his own while Mickey took a dance class. Together they did gymnastics and swimming (although they were in different groups).

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