Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Art Materials

Yesterday I went to our favourite art store looking for watercolour crayons. No matter what the age, I believe that children should be using the real deal and I also needed something that we could take on hikes. The sales people at this store are fantastic and know their stuff. I mean, they REALLY know it! Anyhow, they recommended this product:

These are watersoluble wax pastels. You can buy them individually at $1.95 each or in metal cases of 10, 15, etc... They are not inexpensive but I'm hoping they'll have some longevity. They can be used in numerous ways (see company's website) but we bought them for the following uses:

1) Take wet watercolour paper and draw on top with the crayons

2) Draw on dry watercolour paper and use a wet brush to create your desired effect

3) Use a wet brush and take colour right from the crayon in the box (similar to painting technique)

4) As facepaints - they're non-toxic (although I don't see this written on the box)

Anyhow, thought I'd share my find and I'm sure that I'll be posting some of our artistic results in the future.

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