Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Year's Schedule

Scheduling and extracurricular activities are always a big part of homeschooling for us. Every year looks different and I love this. I am still teaching (in a public school) two days a week and homeschooling the other days. Mickey has upped her gymnastics training and is now doing 9 hrs a week (3 x 3hrs). She still loves it and I can see this going on for a few more years. To broaden her horizons we added a fun dance class once a week. It's fun and not nearly as demanding. For her, the gymnastics is her social group. It's a wonderful group of girls and I can see them becoming long term friends. Mason is continuing his Aikido training in a nearby town and has decided to continue his piano. I'm still iffy on this one because he's not practicing because he wants to. I'll give it a little longer and then we'll reassess. We've also put him into tennis with his best friend. We've done a number of tennis sessions and we're very happy with the quality of the coaching. Lastly, we started Brazilian Soccer. It was recommended to us by another parent. We LOVE it! They're learning respect, manners, protocol, drills, terms, sports etiquette, conditioning, and game playing. The coaches are the best I've seen yet. Highly motivating. And the best thing yet, the parents aren't allowed to stay. So no sideline screamers! Lastly, we started to run with both kids. One keeps pace with Mommy while the other runs full out ( with arms going in all directions) and has to double back!

So, yes, our schedule is busy but it's been very enjoyable. Meals were an issue but I think I have them under control now. We're out 4 evenings a week, right at the dinner hour. So now we have our big meal at lunch (Mon-Thurs) and something lighter when we get home. It's good because it gives the kids their much needed protein for their evening activities. We love our Saturday morning activities because they're getting us out early on a weekend morning and putting us downtown when we're not normally there.

Anyhow, that's our schedule in a nutshell. It works for us!

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