Monday, October 28, 2013

Co-op Sept. 24, 2013

 I'm a bit behind on writing up my blog posts so I'm having to go through my notes and refresh my memory. This is what I 'think' we did! :)

Started the day with a math problem challenge. Mickey and Henry were determined to solve this one! And they did!
 Next, using a 100s chart we practiced our factors with a partner.

Using an idea from Brave Writer for Scavenger Poems, we used the words we collected last week from the magazines and the kids had to compose a poem.

We continued our study of The Runaway King and then started our portrait art. I love this project. It ensures that everyone will be successful! Can't ask for anything more. See the results in next week's blog post.

 1. Take a photo.

2. copy the photo with line work.

3. Colour the photo with one of three different colour combinations; realistic, warm colours, cool colours. We watched a video on colour theory and reviewed.

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