Friday, November 9, 2007

An Enjoyable Day

Today was a day of odds and ends which can sometimes be good. I had nothing concrete planned but we accomplished so much today. It all just fell into place. I started a drawing portfolio for both kids today. I labeled Mason's drawings for the purpose of teaching him words and to see improvement over time. His drawing is really coming along. He's starting to add detail and is focusing on his use of colour. I don't interfere too much with his art. Occasionally I'll throw out an idea or mention something he could add to his picture.
We also started a printing and picture journal. I pre-print a word (3-5 letters) and he traces them. He then draws a picture to match. On his own he decided the print the word on his own underneath his picture. He was very motivated by this today. Worked on this activity for at least half an hour.
We started our banking activity today. We made up 4 different piggy banks out of shoe boxes. One for; Saving, Giving, Gifts, and Spending. We will start off with pennies and will divide up the number of pennies into each box. In a few weeks they will get to spend their pennies from their Spending bank. This will show them how far the pennies go!
We're still working on the lessons from "How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". Sometimes things that were mastered just vanish. Mason's having trouble with the letter t and he had mastered a long e but nows it has vanished!

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