Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today was our Early Learners Day at Laura's house. This is a small co-op group which was formed out of our larger homeschool group. We have six families with a total of ten children. Today our theme was math. The kids warmed up with a play time. We then had some circle time with some adding activities. They built towers by adding to them. We then played store. This was a super activity. Three of the moms ran a store and hand penny items to sell. Each child was given a bag of pennies. They had the opportunity to visit each store and purchase 3 items which they could keep. They had to read the penny price tag and count out their pennies for the sales lady. Lots of fun! We also did some subtraction fun with Chomper the fish and goldfish crackers. Finally we made fraction pizzas. Great day and lots of play with our friends.

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