Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter snuck up on me again. What I thought was going to be a quiet weekend turned into more! On Friday we were fortunate to have Grannie watch the kids while we worked on the basement and other things that needed done. Yes Jeff, Mom, (and everyone else) the trim is coming!! It is always so nice to have a day without the kids to get some work done. I cannot wait for the basement to be finished!

On Sunday we drove up to the cousin's farm (as Mason puts it) in Lindsay. We had a very nice lunch of Schnitzel with Opa and Oma and then headed up to the farm house to see "the cousins"! Aunt Silvia and Uncle Harry have 5 children and Mason and Mickey always love to see them and visit the farm. Upstairs they go and we don't see them for a few hours! It's always nice to compare homeschooling notes with another homeschooling family as well!

Today we're off to Grannie's house for an Easter lunch - more good food! Mason will be thrilled to see an apple pie!

Mason was over the moon about Easter this year. Since it crept up on me we didn't do too many crafts, but we did makes these Easter baskets for Grannie and the cousins!

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