Friday, April 4, 2008

Is It Spring Yet?

Today was our field trip co-op day. When I started planning this a month ago I had visions of warm tempertures, buds on the trees, and puddles to jump into. Low and behold, it snowed AGAIN today! Our plan was to go to Rockwood but after all the rain I changed the location to Preservation Park. 30 people showed up and off we went. Although we got a little lost and weren't where we thought we were we still managed to make it back to the car in one piece. It was nice to be together, make new friends and enjoy the great outdoors. We even saw some deer poop along the way!

Well this week completed the winter session of gymnastics. Mickey completed her first session without Mommy. She loved being in a class with Mason. He really looked after her well. Gymnastics has been a great experience for both. Mickey's listening skills have really improved and she's getting the opportunity to just go and jump, run, climb ....whatever her little heart desires. Mason has been doing gymnastics for two years and has really improved in flexibility, strength and coordination. We'll continue with this sport for as long as they're intereseted.

We've had a great week. It started off with our co-op session on recycling. Tuesday, after gymnastics we had a really good learning day! Lots of reading progress. Wednesday, while I was at work the kids had a great time with Grannie. Lots of play and lots of learning. On Thursday Mason went to music and then we had friends over for lunch and then a visit to the local library.

Tomorrow is the homeschool conference which I am really looking forward to. Lots of great speakers and hopefully some good shopping!!

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