Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apple Farm Visit

We went with some friends today to an apple farm. Most of the photos are of Mickey because I couldn't seem to get Mason to stop long enough for me to snap a shot. The favourite was the slide of course once all the school kids left for the day! We went to the petting zoo, walked in the forest, built a model of a huge campfire with red leaves representing the flames, swung on a rope swing, ran along the hay bales, played in the maze and of course, went on the wagon and picked apples.

We purchased 15lbs of apples ($15) and although I griped about the price I've already made gluten free appe fritters (which were awesome - think I'll make some now), slow cooker apple sauce, and two apple pies. I still have half the apples left! What to make now!

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amanda said...

Looks like fun! What farm was this?