Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We did the right thing!

Today was the first meeting of our building co-op. We have 7 families with a total of 14 kids. We are meeting once a month and are working with different building materials each month. Today we just had general building with a variety of materials. It was a good way for the kids to familiarize themselve with others. It was a beautiful day as well so the kids were able to run around outside and we also did some experimenting with the group's parachute. One of our child members (nicknamed the cruise director) quickly took charge and came up with a game for everyone to play. Who needs adults.

This day was what I needed. Seeing these kids together really grounded me. Like any parent I have doubts about choices I make. The kids in this group did not all know each other. There were some prior friendships but we also had a number of kids who were new. We did not have one problem (that I know of). The kids were mannerly, productive, thoughtful and engaging. At the end of our time together I caught two 7 year old boys giving my kids HUGE hugs. This just says it all!

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