Thursday, October 9, 2008

Visit to the ER

Well I wouldn't have predicted that Mickey would be the first to get stitches but so be it! 10 minutes before bedtime last night she slid on the new floor downstairs and clocked her head on the (Ikea!) wooden step stool. She is always one to pick herself up, dust off, and keep going but when I saw her face I knew this time it was different. She had a nice laceration at the side of her eye. If Heinrich hadn't been home I probably wouldn't have taken her to the hospital because I thought they'd laugh at me!! Once the initial shock was over she was fine and was ordering me around with requests of what to bring with us! Mason was fantastic and didn't fuss a bit over all the blood. He even made sure she didn't get blood on Ruffy. My little clean freak!

So we got to the hospital and had to wait 45 minutes just to be triaged. I knew this was a bad sign. The nurse (a childhood friend) said that she definitely needed the glue or stitches, so the wait began. She kept herself busy with Dora books (of course), colouring and by entertaining the waiting room with Ruffy and his blanket! Three and a half hours in we finally were given a room where I finally convinced her to sleep (it was now 11:30 and she usually goes to sleep at 7 am). We sat there for another hour and a half before a physician's assistant came in. He was awesome. Ontario is getting 40 more. Yippee! Anyhow, he tried to give her a topical freezing (while she was asleep but it didn't take). I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to watch but didn't want to leave her at the same time. We decided to wake her and she was NOT happy!! He thought that they were going to have to do a bunny hold on her so off he went to get the nurse. While he was gone I managed to convince her to settle down enough for the procedure to be done. The bunny hold can be very tramatizing. The nurse held her head while I kept her hands still. She's strong!! Unfortunatel he had to give her freezing by needle and that was quite unpleasant. It was so close to the eye that we were all a little nervous and she could see everything. She was great. The promise of tim bits for breakfast helped a little too! So three stitches later we went home at 1:30 am. We're exhausted!!

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Heidi said...

Oh, my goodness! Those are 3 stitches in exactly the same place as Leif's!! I can't believe you had to wait so long. How awful. Luckily Leif's injury happened in the middle of the day. We've had a looooong wait at Urgent Care before, but apparently they don't let 2 yos with gashes near their eye hang out in the waiting room for long. They called him back right away, before all the other people in the waiting room. I was so thankful!