Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 is off to a rough start

I wish I could say that 2010 is going well so far. It has been rocky! Resolutions are out the window. We did have a great time skiing at Blue Mountain and then it went south. A friend of ours was killed suddenly in a car accident. It was a huge shock. We are trying to be there for the family as much as we can. 6 or 7 weeks ago, a good friend of Heinrich's sister suffered a cardiac arrest due to a heart arrhythmia and after being in a lengthy coma she passed away (at the age of 45) on the weekend. We only met her once but she helped our extended family out during a very difficult time last year. She was a wonderful woman and our thoughts are with her family. Another friend of ours is dealing with a very difficult diagnosis of a close family and we hope that we can support this family as they deal with the challenging months ahead. And to top it off, two officers have been killed in the line of duty in the last week in our province. These situations always take a tole on our community. There has been so much grief lately and although much of it hasn't impacted us directly we're feeling the need to help or support in some little way. It's just never enough.

Two weeks ago I had a bit of a health scare at school and ended up in the emerg in a neighbouring town. I had been having chest pains and some significant dizzy spells. At emerg they treated me as a heart attack patient which was frightening in and of itself. I was monitored for 7 hours - meaning 4 ECGs, 2 blood tests (to rule out a heart attack) and a chest x-ray. They were amazing and took it very very seriously. I can't imagine that I would have received the same treatment in my local hospital. Anyhow, the emerg doctor suspects that I have an atrial flutter and I have been referred to a cardiologist. Don't ask what this means because I'm receiving conflicting reports from three different medical personnel. I have been put on a beta block and for those who have never been on them, they're not fun! They slow your heart rate down so that your risk of blood clots and stroke are lowered. The first free days I was on them I felt like my head wasn't keeping up with my body. If I risked closing my eyes I would have been in a dead sleep! I'm used to them now but don't plan on staying on them for a long time. Anyhow, I will soon have to wear a 72 hr heart monitor and will be assessed by a cardiologist in a few weeks. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that it was an isolated incident. I'm trying to stay stress free (which is difficult these days) to keep my heart rate down.

Anyhow, we have high hopes that 2010 will bring many pieces of good news for us and our family and friends. Our thoughts are with Lynn, Craig and family, Colleen's family and the families of the fallen officers.

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Jo said...

Alison, I sincerely hope that things improve for you and yours soon. Enjoy the lovely smiles on your kids' faces, and stay away from as many stressful situations as you can. We all need to make decisions that are best for our family.