Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Mild Concussion

On Easter Monday we went for a walk/bike ride with some friends at the lake. The kids were biking and the adults were walking and talking. Of course Mickey took off as fast as she could and left the boys in her wake. We didn't even get a chance to tell her to stay close by and slow down. She's had her share of falls so when she fell this day, I must say that I didn't go to her as fast as I should have. She fell (and not going at a high rate of speed either) when she had slowed down and the strong wind caused her to wobble. Long story short, we noticed that there was a significant crack in her helmet, and based on her slight loss of memory and some lethargy, I decided to take her to the emerg. Turns out she had a slight concussion. I felt a little silly once I was there, because of course she bounced back and appeared to be completely fine. The doctor did tell me though any hit to the head (especially when there's damage to a helmet) should result in a visit to the ER.

So her helmet did what it was supposed to do. Next helmet however, we are going for one of the more reputable names (Bell, Giro, etc..) and have the bike guys assess the fit. I knew the basics for fitting a helmet but after doing some research there's a lot more to it than I thought. And yes, she's asking when she can bike again! Whew!

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