Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Homeschool Learning Room

Our learning room is in our basement and no, it is not a classroom. We use it sporadically; more often in the winter. It's primary use is storage and organization. I keep all of our homeschool resources, craft supplies, my teaching supplies and my haven't-seen-the-light-of-day scrapbooking supplies in this room. It's just a great space for returning everything to it's spot.

There's a reading chair...

a shoe organizer which I use for organizing all of the little stuff...

and cupboard doors covered in rolled corking. This stuff was a nightmare to apply. No More Nails finally did the trick. Do not use a spray adhesive!

We have bins for toys,

bins for finished curriculum,

and bins for work in progress.

Our can't-live-without item is this rack. We separate and store all of our essential drawing tools.

We always have a never ending trail of completed masterpieces lying around the house. I choose or the kids choose their best ones and they are stored in these boxes. It makes me feel less guilty for throwing away the other masterpieces!

We have our reading nook,

and our work table. I love the shape of this table because it allows me to get a little closer to both kids.

Thanks for coming on a tour of our workspace.

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Our Country Road said...

I love your space! So bright and airy. The table is awesome.