Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Are Your Thoughts on Chores?

A few weeks ago we had a little friend over to play with Mickey. She was telling us that she gets to do grown-up jobs at home which are referred to as chores. In return she gets paid. Firstly, I really dislike that word chore. It's a horrendous word. Not that vacuuming is all roses and bubbles, but if I personally had to think of everything that I was doing around the house as a chore, nothing would get done! In our house, these jobs are just expected. They're what each member of the family does to contribute. If a job needs to get down, someone fills the position. There are no monetary benefits. If my children need something and the request is reasonable, it's bought. At some point, we'll have to figure out how to handle the issue of allowances, but at this point they're not needed. The money in their bank is from gifts. In the future I see paying them for jobs done that are above and beyond the normal every day expectations.

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