Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Co-op Update - Sept. 18, 2012

What a great day! I love this group! I can't remember if I mentioned this last time, but our group ranges in age from 6 to 11. Not only do we have the diversity of age, but our parents are using this co-op to meet different needs, including; child care, socialization, and for myself, it is an essential learning day. Each child arrives with different interests and abilities.

Word Work We started our day with our Mad Lib writing and our review of; nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs, and plural nouns. They're doing really well with this. It's also good for a laugh. I like some sort of word work to be part of every day. Next week we'll switch it up and do something different.

Family Virtues - Respect and Obedience We continued our discussion from last week about respect and debated some scenarios. This can be a challenging one. Everyone wants respect (eg/ knock before entering their personal space) but sometimes it's hard to be respectful in return! We briefly talked about the virtue of being obedient, what the word means and why obedience is sometimes necessary.

Mapping - Last week we talked a little about the map of Canada to accompany our province and territory study. Today we learned about; lines of latitude, longitude, the prime meridian, equator, compass rose, and a little about time zones. They coloured in each feature on a map. Side note for parents: I am keeping all of their work here in a folder. Once it fills up I will send it home. While our two older students removed themselves to work on their own studies, the others went about putting together a large foam map of the world. Once it was complete I quizzed them on everything we've learned and then they had to locate countries at different points of long and lat. They really seemed to grasp this well.

Alphabet Project - Our Canadian Provinces and Territories

Rather than have everyone continue their research from last week, we did it as a group. We combined the territories and completed an alphabet sheet for all three. As I read the three chapters on the territories in, "Hey Canada," they let me know when we had found information that they wanted to add to the alphabet list. This went quite well. Some wanted to continue with their research but we held off and will do this next week. Hopefully we will finish it then and it can be bound and illustrated.

Snack Time!

Lego Challenge

This is a fun ice breaker or team builder activity. In pairs, the kids were each given 5 pieces of lego (different shapes). Both kids had to have the same five pieces and they had to be the same colour. With their backs to each other (no looking), one child had to build 'something' while the other waited. When they were finished building, the other child was then given verbal instructions (again no looking) to build the exact same thing. The activity really encourages the kids to work together and to give clear, understandable instructions. After a few times, most groups were able to build the same structures. Fun!

Paddle to the Sea

We continued our reading of Paddle to the Sea. While I read, the kids had to made an art card depicting  a scene that Paddle would have seen on his journey. These will be laminated and can be added to their collection from last year for those that kept them.

Lunch and 30 minutes walk through the neighbourhood. Rainy day!

Silent Reading - 30 minutes

Graffiti Art

We started our graffiti name art project today and managed to complete it! We talked about the difference between art and graffiti. We discussed different fonts, how to space lettering and how to create interesting fonts. They had to design their lettering, choose a symbol that represented them, and select interesting colours and patterns. Then we added a brick background to emphasize the graffiti style. The kids were really interested in this. They did a fabulous job! A few might have to finish at home.

The two older students opted out of this and continued their own studies.

The day finished with more silent reading, me reading Paddle to the Sea, a game of Who Am I, and some lego play.

Thanks again everyone for sharing your children!

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