Saturday, September 22, 2012

Poetry Journals

Two years ago when I had my grade 6 class I did poetry journals with them. The idea was to combine writing with art. Each week the kids learned a new type of poem (eg/ acrostic, haiku, limerick, etc..) and had to compose 3-4 poems for each style. When it came time to "publish" their poem to their journal, they selected their favourites and we did artwork to accompany them. Some of the artwork was done as a class, with an art lesson. A lot of the artwork was done on their own. I showed them a variety of examples to spur on some ideas. I couldn't believe the selection they came up with. And believe it or not, the boys ALL loved the poetry. It's short and manageable and there's a high probability that they will achieve some success with it!

I also do this with my two at home. It's a great long term project that can be done with all ages.

These are the websites I used for examples:

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Daisy Yellow

Gennine's Art Blog

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