Monday, October 29, 2012

Co-op update - October 29, 2012

Lots of energy today! In retrospect I should have had outdoor time but I had this storm stuck in my head and thought it wouldn't be suitable for them to be outside. I'm thinking now that this storm isn't going to amount to much! So if they're high energy tonight, I apolgize. That's my fault!

Anyhow, here's a brief overview of the day.

Math word problem:

While our two older students worked on their studies, the other kids worked on a math word problem. At first, they were overwhelmed with the wording. They thought it was much more complex than it really was. Once we discussed the idea of making the problem into a picture, all of them, including our youngest, was able to solve the problem. They all used the picture method. For fun, I showed them how they could have used division to solve for the number of vampires and the number of robots. They had a speed lesson in long division for those who weren't already familiar with this method!

Paper Bag Monsters:

We made these paper bag monsters in two steps. We started with the sharing of ideas of different 'monster' like features we could add to the bags. In the first step (in the morning) the kids painted the bags their monster skin tone.

After lunch they added the features. They were then stuffed with plastic bags and stapled closed.

Notice the big purple teacher monster on the far right!!

Suspense story writing:

We talked about the genre of suspense stories. I read through a list of story prompts that I have used with students in the past to generate some ideas. The older two continued to work on their own. I scribed for our youngest on the computer as he pulled his story together. It was probably the best (don't tell the others!) of them all. He has quite the imagination! The other two boys worked together and Mickey wrote on her own. When all stories were complete, the kids presented them to the group.

Lunch Prep:

While the kids wrote their stories, the older two started on lunch. Their first task; making breadsticks in the shape of bones!

After the stories were completed, the rest joined me in the kitchen and I put them to work at various food prep stations. I recently participated in a Thai cooking class and now I totally understand how our chef felt as we followed her about the kitchen asking questions and looking for appliances, food, and utensils! Wow, she was calm and organized. Not sure if I pulled that off today!

 Our menu consisted of:

  • apple mouth bites with slivered almonds for teeth
  • cheese string fingers with green peppers for finger nails
  • dried fruit eye balls
  • mummy pizzas
  • big cat veggie platter
  • bone bread sticks
  • ghost toasts made with cream cheese
  • mummy hotdogs

The kids did a FABULOUS and co-operative job on lunch! Unbelievable. It all came together beautifully and they did not starve! They all ate extremely well.

 Literature Time:

We finished Paddle to the Sea and I'm hoping that we'll get time next week to discuss Paddle's route in more depth.

We continued on with Frindle and at one point I assigned two chapters for the kids to work on with a reading buddy. In their pairing, they either took turns reading, or one read while the other followed along. It was an interesting experiment. Those who normally don't take a turn reading while we're in the group, tend to just listen and not follow along in the book. In this situation those kids did a great job of following along.

 Cupcake decorating:

I couldn't let Halloween pass without a small treat. The kids decorated and ate some Halloween cupcakes. Hopefully they're not too hyper for you tonight!

Fingerprint Art:

Using various colours, they created different halloween characters using their fingerprints and markers for adding details. They turned out great!

We finished the day with two games of UNO!

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone and we'll see you next week!

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