Monday, December 10, 2012

Co-op Update: Monday Dec. 10, 2012

      Today was our last session before the Christmas holidays. All the kids arrived a little weary. They must all have had busy weekends. By 10:30 am, or so, they were back to their usual energetic selves!

     While we waited for the girls to arrive, the kids worked on illustrating their books. I printed up their books using this site. Once everyone was present, the kids read their stories to the group. Our two older students only had 15-20 minutes to work on their own work today.

After our stories, the kids got to work cutting out nets for miniature houses and churches that they were to turn into ornaments.

They worked so hard cutting out the pieces and desperately need time to run outside. While they had some free time, I glued the houses together and prepared for step 2.

When they came inside they got started painting their houses one of three pastel colours.

While I prepared the lunch, the kids were divided up between three different games. I make it a point to switch up the pairing of kids so they all get a chance to be together. Othello was a big hit!

Thank you to those people who sent along stuff for our lunch. The kids made sandwiches and had make your own salads. We had garlic bread and some treats too! They all ate very well!

After lunch I put out an assortment of embellishments that they could use to decorate their ornament and turn it into a wintry scene. We had glitter and fake snow everywhere! Sorry about the wet glue! The day flew by today. I should have planned for them to have more drying time.

The kids were eager to do their ornament exchange. Wow, all of you went above and beyond. They were beautiful and the kids were so excited to give and receive. 

I've listed the creator of each ornament below the photos.

Mikhaila H.





 Micaela, Jesse, and Eli



Thank you all for participating in this co-op. I thoroughly enjoy every single moment I spend with your kids. I have lots planned for the new year! If you have any requests, please feel free to send them along.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

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