Monday, December 3, 2012

Co-op update: Monday Dec. 3, 2012

Here's a quick update for our co-op day today!

1) Game of UNO while we waited for others to arrive.

2) Using the books, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie each child wrote a Christmas version using a formula I gave them. We'll illustrate these stories next week. For those who weren't present today, if your kids would like to do this on their own at home and bring it back for next week that would be great. They could illustrate them here.

3) Snack and outdoor play.

4) Christmas word art.

5) We did a quick lesson on perimeter and area. Using lego, we practiced a few.

6) Lunch and more outdoor play.

7) After lunch we continued our talk about perimeter and area and added a note to our geometry and measurement lapbook. We practiced finding the area and perimeter of many irregular shapes using lego and large grid paper. We finished off with a little challenge!

8) I showed the kids their Canada books that I put together for them using the artwork they completed a few weeks ago. I think they turned out great. Each province has an alphabet project and it's own section. As we continue our conversations about Canada we will add to our books. Today we read about Saskatchewan and filled in our alphabet list. 

9) Some reading time!

10) We read a chapter of BFG and discussed descriptions involving; taste, sound, and sight. Next week we will add these descriptions to our lapbook.

11) A game of charades!

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