Monday, January 14, 2013

Co-op update: Monday Jan. 14, 2013

Thank goodness the temperature went down today and my muddy backyard froze. Otherwise we wouldn't have had the greatly needed outside time today!

We started the day off with a writing exercise. For my own kids I haven't put too much pressure on them when it comes to writing. Up to this point they have written for pleasure and when I ask them to, but I've never really edited their work. I have to tread lightly when it comes to Mason and writing and I knew that if I pushed the editing, that he would revolt! Today I had the kids write a Show and Tell exercise. They had to chose a special item that they would like to share in Show and Tell. The catch however, is that they can't actually bring in the item. They must write about it. We discussed all the things that they would need to tell us in order for us to get a complete picture of the object. Half the group was able to do this with little trouble and could easily have moved on to editing and the other half really struggled with the content of their piece. We will work on writing a little each week but I'll try and do it in a pressure-free way!

We review perimeter and then moved on to area which we have talked about before. We compared the methods of using a picture (and counting squared units) to the ease of using a formula and the two dimensions. We tried some easy rectangles and then moved on to composite figures which could be divided into multiple rectangles. They then had to make as many shapes as they could with an area of 20 sq. units. We shared answers and then I had them find the perimeter of each shape so they could see that although the shapes had the same area, the perimeters were different.

To sum up our learning, I gave them each a strip of toilet paper. They had to make a composite shape with the toilet paper and then calculate the area and perimeter. Many jokes were told during this exercise! BOYS!

After math we moved on to art. We attempted to finished the piece today but the watercolour painting took longer than expected. Most will finish it next week. Mickey stayed inside today and finished hers.  

The kids had a good half hour outside while I prepped for lunch and the afternoon activities. 

After lunch we moved on to our BFG unit. We talked about visualizing a story. As I read, I had them visualize what was being read and they had to draw a picture and write down any adjectives the author used to help create that image. We also added to our BFG word bank and our plot line. Before I started the next chapter we went over the 5 senses and adjectives that could be used when describing each sense. As I read the next chapter they had to write down any words that applied to 3 of the senses; smell, sight, sound. 

After our novel study the kids had free time and the games came out!

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