Monday, January 21, 2013

Co-op update: Monday January 21, 2013

I must apologize. I wasn't my usual energetic self today folks. Think I'm fighting off something. Thank you for getting the kids a little early today. As the day progressed, my energy seemed to be dissipating! The kids were good today. They had two play times outside and both times, they brought themselves in without my asking. I think it must have been a bit cold for them. We also had some hungry children today! It seemed as though the food never went away! 

As the kids arrived, I had a few of them finish their painting from last week. 

We started the lessons with this inspiration video and had a good chat about it afterwards.

In the book we're currently reading, "The BFG," the author uses quotations throughout as the story is a constant dialogue between the two main characters, Sophie and the BFG. For some reason however, the author uses single quotation marks and I'm not sure why. I believe it's the British standard. Anyhow, I gave them a lesson on the use of quotation marks and we studied some examples. Afterwards, the kids worked in pairs on a worksheet, inserting quotation marks where appropriate. This was a breeze for most of them.

I gave them each a copy of a passage from "BFG". As you may know, the BFG has his own unique language. For instance, he calls humans, human beans, rather than human beings! The play on words is brilliantly done, although somewhat challenging to read aloud! The kids get quite a kick out of it! After reading through the passage, I had them re-write the passage with their own interpretation of the language. As they re-wrote it, they had to play close attention to the usage of punctuation (especially the quotations).

Outside time!

After some much needed time to run around outside, we moved on to math. We reviewed what an angle is and talked about right angles, acute angles, and obtuse angles. They made them with their arms and on paper. The only measuring device we used this week, was an index card, for making right angles. Next week we'll try using a protractor! After making a few of each type of angle, we looked at a variety of triangles and named the angles in each.  They were dying to draw their own. They tried to create as many different types of triangles as they could, by utilizing the 3 different angles.


I have a new game called "Numenko," which is a simple, yet effective game for practicing numeracy skills. It's good for all levels because you can keep it as simple (+/-) or as complex (x/) as you like. You're essentially making a number crossword and trying to use up all of your tiles!

We started a new art project today. Before the kids had lunch, they used tape to create birch bark trees on their page. This tape will eventually be pealed off and the white of the page will be the negative space which will represent the birch trees. After lunch and some more outside time they put a watercolour wash over top. Next week we'll complete these pieces.

We finished off the day with more reading of "The BFG" and did a comparison study of the two characters, Sophie and the BFG.

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