Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Co-op update: Tuesday March 19, 2013

Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a great March Break. We loved hearing about everyone's adventures over the holidays.

We started the day with a brainstorming session. The kids had to come up with different was of saying "I said," in a writing piece. This challenge was met with silence at first! I gave them a couple and then slowly the wheels started turning! 

Next we did the Peanut Butter Sandwich challenge. This is always fun. The kids had to do instructional writing. They had to individually write the instructions for making a peanut butter sandwich. The intended audience (or sandwich maker) is an alien. I chose three and followed their instructions (exactly) and made their sandwiches! This was lots of fun. We made note of what language was successful, what wasn't, and perhaps details that could have been added!

Break time for some fun in the snow (that won't go away!).

After break we read about Quebec and had some great discussions about the significance of the St. Lawrence and what would happen if Quebec separated. The kids who have been to Quebec were able to recount their experiences to us.

I divided the kids into two groups. One group worked on freehand drawing a map of Quebec while the other group worked with me on drawing triangles. We made it through; right angle triangles, isosceles triangles, and scalene triangles. Protractor use is still fairly new to them but most seem to be catching on.

Lunch and more outside time.

After lunch we read two more chapters of BFG (almost done). We continued our work on our lapbooks.


We started an art project but cut it short because we had some chicks (1 day old) come to visit. The kids were thrilled!

Phoebe did really well with the kids. She's going to be tired tonight!

After Easter we will start studying Medieval Times. We will also be doing a book study on "The False Prince." I have copies for each child and it would help if some of the reading could be done at home. Let me know if this is a problem. Also, a lot of the kids are interested in creating a model of 'something' medieval. If you're opposed to this, again, let me know! Thanks for a great day!

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