Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tues. Sept. 17th, 2013

Today we were able to start using my new workspace for the kids. It's a cozy space and the kids seem to like it. Although I have a small heater for this room, we probably won't use it in the winter.

We started off with some fraction practice. Using a variety of manipulatives as well as pencil and paper, the kids had to demonstrate different ways of representing fractions. Basic fractions were easy, but they all needed practice with improper and mixed number. By the end, they were all proficient.

Played a game of "Dress Me" and then some free time.


Last week they did a writing assignment involving making a packing list. This week they did the opposite. I provided a packing list (see below) and they had to write a story using those item. They were allowed to add to their list if need be. Wonderful stories unfolded. If they were comfortable sharing, they did. All were quite engaged in this process.

More Runaway King reading. For next week please read chapters 6 and 7.

On our hike we collected sketches and written descriptions about various plan species. Today we went through different field guides and tried to identify our plants. We added the new found info to our nature books.

Next week we will be doing a Brave Writer writing assignment. To prep, the kids collected 30-40 'colourful', descriptive words from magazines. We'll see what we can do with them next week!

We continued our work on our Zentangle designs. This is the start of mine below. This is a fantastic art project that anyone and everyone can do. It's basically a fancy doodle. The focus is on dividing up spaces, and using a variety of different line types.

These are pictures of them in progress. Some finished and some didn't. I'm trying to encourage them to take their time, even if it means not finishing it until the next co-op day. They're often eager to finish! They did a fantastic job on them. I highly recommend this exercise for everyone. Very relaxing!


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