Sunday, November 2, 2008

You MUST meet this family!

I had never heard of the blog the Nie Nie Dialogues until I stumbled across it in September through another blog site. Stephanie, the writer of this blog and her husband Christian were in a horrific plane crash in August. Christian suffered burns to 30% of his body and Stephanie to 80% of her body.

It's my understanding that since the crash it's become very clear how loved her blog was and as a result her and her family have been receiving tremendous support. On CJane her sister Jane blogs about her own life but since the accident has been using much of her blog space to write about Christian and Stephanie's recovery and about how their family (incl. Stephanie & Christian's four children) are doing.

I love both blogs because these people are just so real and so committed to each other. It's raw and very real but the love they have for each other is truly inspiring. If you have time to check both blogs out, go back to at least July and read forward. Enjoy!

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