Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just for future reference!

Oh my darling Mickey. The grief you will cause me over the years to come! Yesterday we had a new little friend over to play. They were taking a while to bond and were doing a lot of parallel play. I told the mom that she was welcome to leave her daughter while she ran some errands. They are currently in the middle of a move. Her daughter was very comfortable with this. Anyhow, I kept checking in and as time passed they eventually started bonding and playing together. I didn't want to interfere too much. Well, the dress up clothes were put on and they pulled out these toys (above). I back off a little. But then the silence hit. Hmmmm, better check on them. So, I go downstairs and I see them with the above evidence in their mouths. I quickly give them a friendly and not at all scary scolding for putting things in their mouths. Mickey gives me "THE LOOK". Oh no. I asked her if something had happened. She started crying and confessed that she had swallowed one! Unfortunately, Mickey is at this wonderful story telling (I won't use the "L" word) stage. I had no idea, how many, how big, etc... So needless to say when the mom showed up, I had to confess (and felt terrible) that this had happened and that I was now taking my daughter up to the hospital (more to comfort my hubby). Turns out that plastic cannot be x-rayed. Should have known this but wasn't thinking! And it also turns out that as long as the item doesn't go into the lungs or immediately chokes them that children can actually swallow fairly large objects! Felt a little silly. Now, it's just a waiting game..... I think the nurses and doctors were amused though!

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gardening gal said...

Oh theyt keep us on our toes don't they!
One of my boys swallowed a Christmas lightbulb- when xrayed we could see it in his stomach clear as day- once we knew he would be fine -it was quite humourous :)