Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some cell and organ system projects

For term 2 we were studying the unit on Cells, cell systems and organ systems. Here are a couple of the projects.

Build-a-body. Must include all organs and organs must be colour coded by system.

Build a plant or animal cell. Some students made them out of clay and some made them out of found objects.

 Cells could even be made out of edible materials. Here's an example that could really be done with any age group.

Using a dixie cup, pour jello (your choice of colour) into the cup. When ready, peel the cup away. Cut the jello cell in half horizontally. Choose a variety of candy that can represent the different parts of the cell (nucleus, vacuole, chromosomes, etc,,). Using a knife or toothpicks, gently insert the candy. Eat and enjoy! You could also add the organelles - more pieces = more candy! 

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