Saturday, October 10, 2009

A day on Ancient Egypt

Today we spent the day with friends furthering our study of Ancient Egypt. 7 kids and 2 moms. It was busy! The first thing we did was make papyrus. Using strips of paper to emulate the reeds the kids soaked the "reeds" in a flour and water mixture and then created an overlapping pattern. I think this activity trumped every other messy activity we've ever done! Thanks K it was great!

In the morning before everyone arrived the three of us put together a Duplo pyramid. As one of the activities with our friends we mummified a teddy and buried the mummy with all of its worldly possessions inside the tomb. The kids went through the many stages of the process with each of their teddies.

All of the families are following Story of the World and we're often using maps to trace the historical events. Today we took the map and made it into a clay model. Later we can add the pyramids, red and white crowns, etc... . Something happened with our clay (some extra moisture) so we will have to do ours again. I think the next time we do it we'll do it with Plastercine. Although it's not the easiest to manipulate, at least it can stay uncovered and won't go bad.

Lastly we made some paper beads and discussed Egyptian jewellery. This was a fun and challenging activity. This might be a good craft for future Christmas gifts.

The kids were fantastic and as always got along beautifully. They even chilled and listened to a few chapters on the book on CD. Thanks everyone for a great day!

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