Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MIchael Reist: The Dysfunctional School

Michael Reist is speaking to our homeschool group in the next few weeks and although I've heard him twice before, I still hadn't read his book "The Dysfunctional School". It's as though he's been reading my mind for the last 10 years. His book is quite harsh and for some, could be shocking, but the reality is that the majority of what he shares, is true. He is right that change needs to be made from the inside out because this type of change is doable. I felt compelled to share some of my favourite quotes.

Factory schooling is obsolete for three main reasons: it remains devoted to print literacy, it is rigidly hierarchical and insists on the application of one basic process to all students. pg. 20

If you go into any kindergarten class, you will see a hive of enthusiasm for learning - a sea of hands raised for every question posed by the teacher. Fast forward to the grade 12 class. You see stress, fear, apathy and "acting out." pg. 21

The person with a vocation will often have to depart from the herd - collective values will not always satisfy. Everyone has a vocation - something they are meant to do, someone they are meant to be.
pg. 29

Every classroom involves a power relationship. pg. 31

For many teenagers, what appears to be a lack of motivation is really a powerful motivation - to rebel - to not do what all these adults want me to do. pg. 34

There are so many good teachers who would love to change the system, but the system keeps them so busy there is little time left over for the things they feel strongly about.
pg. 37

People who work in institutions can end up serving the institution instead of the people the institution was meant to serve.

What would freedom look like at school? pg. 45

School is not made for boys. pg. 47

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