Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Visitors

For us, the best part of Christmas is visiting with friends and family. We try and fit in as many families as humanly possible. K&J and L&D, we'll have to fit in a get together in the new year!

We love to entertain and try new recipes. Two new favourites were these jalapeno bites and these yummy mushrooms, both by The Pioneer Woman. I got her new recipe book and will let you know how it is. It looks great.

Here's who visited. We didn't get to have everyone and we still have some coming tonight. We have Christmas with Heinrich's sister tomorrow and are seeing friends from Ottawa on Saturday. The fun never stops!

Visit #1:
Our friends Shack and Shannon came down from Parry Sound and spent the night. They have a gorgeous new baby, Kelsie and son Tyler. They were very tolerant and gracious about having to sleep on a blow up mattress. Great visit guys!

Shannon and Shack from Parry Sound, daughter Kelsie and son Tyler.

Visit #2:
My good friend Karin and her husband Jon were down from Ottawa for the holidays and stayed with their family in town. Jon was visiting other friends so we were disappointed we didn't get to see him. Chrissy and Craig joined us and we had a good evening of laughs. These are girlfriends from highschool. Actually Karin I met when I was 10, in Guides. She was a much better Girl Guide than I!

Visit #3:
Grannie of course came for Christmas Eve dinner and church. The next day she showed up bright and early at 7:30 am for gift opening and then returned later in the day for our Christmas meal.

Visit #4:
Oma and Opa made the 3 hour trek to see us and arrived on Christmas Eve to avoid some nasty weather. Our visit wasn't as long as we wanted because they had to return home before the freezing rain started. They loved the photo book we gave them.

Visit #5:
My sister Cynthia, my nephew Josh and my neice Laura joined us for Christmas dinner. Laura brought her boyfriend Emilio, who we met for the first time. He's a keeper...a real sweetheart! Great visit, but always too short!

Visit #6:
On Boxing Day my brother Steve and his wife Rose came with my nephews, Darryl and Brendan. We met Darryl's girlfriend Sara for the first time as well. She fit right in and is a keeper as well! We had a lovely visit and even had them on the new Wii!

Visit #7:
The 28th brought some old friends to our place. Two couples who we haven't seen in far too long. The guys are friends of Heinrich's from the University years.

Justin and Jenny came with their son Jonah. He and Mason had a blast!

Jenn and Craig came with their daughters Lauren and Devon (who's just 10 wks old and I wanted to gobble her up). Lauren and Mick were like two peas in a pod!

We had a great time and they're looking forward to coming up soon and enjoying the snow that we usually get.

Our friends Rose and Dwayne and their son Kaden visited us that evening on their way home from Michigan but we were yapping too much and I forgot to take pictures!

Visit #8:
Yesterday was our first visit out of the house. My cousin Ruth and her husband Doug had us down to their place. We saw my Aunt Janet and the kids had a super time with their second cousins.

Camryn and Morgan

Mickey, Mason and Liam

Aunt Janet and Mom

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