Monday, December 28, 2009

Olympic Torch Run

This morning the Olympic torch arrived in our town at 7:30 am. We had the kids up at 6:15 and were parked with a prime viewing spot by 7:00 am. We were the first ones there (surprise, surprise). We had breakfast in the truck while we waited for friends and the run to start. It was a decent turn-out. Zehrs supplied free Tim-Bits and Hot Chocolate and passed out flags. We had a great view from the back of the truck. Kids were thrilled to sport their new Olympic mittens.

One of the 14 runners was dropped off right in front of us (how perfect). While he waited for his turn to run we were able to capture a photo with him.

Here you can see the runner with the flame approaching.

The two runners met, did a little jig and lit the next torch. Off he went.

It was short and sweet but we're so thrilled that we were able to experience a taste of the Olympics.

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