Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Tree is Here!

We finally got our tree last Saturday and trimmed it on Monday when I was home sick with strep throat. Heinrich went in that afternoon for knee surgery so we had limited time. We've finally decided that next year we're going to have to get a second smaller tree. We've collected so many ornaments over the years that the tree can hardly stay upright no matter how hard I try to strategically place them. Each ornament has a memory so it's difficult to do without.

A few years back a I purchased this ornament as a reminder of the time a dear elderly friend was visiting from England and we took her on the Muskoka Studio Tour.

Bought this after a 7 night camping trip in our favourite park. Many many smores were eaten!

Got this one last year when the kids started cross country skiing.

We participated in a children's ornament exchange this year and this is the ornament that Mason made.

This is another ornament made by a little friend. Loved the way these turned out. So simple but effective. They look really great on the tree. We'll be trying these next year!

Another ornament made by a friend that I have on my to do list. He even made some while driving in the car. Sounds easy!

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