Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Near Miss

Heinrich had a close call on our local 4-8 lane highway on his way to work. His windshield was hit by an object he didn't see coming. He's quite sure it wasn't ice. This isn't the first time this has happened but it's certainly the first time he was hit this hard. It almost came through the windshield and could have caused him to have a collision. It's bad enough that he can't drive it far. He was very lucky. Needless to say that we are dealing with repairs and insurance companies AGAIN! Aarrrghhh!

So...at the end of January I was scheduled to appear in our local court because the accused who had rear ended me in September chose to fight her charges of careless driving. I got a call last week saying that I was no longer needed and that the courts had settled on a charge of following too close. I was so frustrated. Not that I want a 17 year old to suffer and pay huge insurance premiums but there is no way that this was a case of following too close. This is just another fine example of our justice system in action!


Jo said...

You have all been having so many problems with cars lately...we all really do take our lives into our hands when we get behind the wheel. I am glad that you and Heindrich are alright. Hopefully the girl who hit you at least got her car-privilages taken away by Mom and Dad!

For the Love of Learning said...

Hey Jo,

Welcome to my blog. I didn't know you were here! Thanks for the comment.