Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trip to Blue

A few days ago we went for a short trip to Blue Mountain Village with some friends of ours. What a perfect winter destination! We had a lovely stay at the Trillium Westin Hotel (below). The rooms are very nice and are outfitted with kitchenettes which are perfect for families wanting to make some of their own meals. The hotel has a really neat outdoor pool and spa heated for winter swimming. We all braved it and it was fantastic. Some of us (not me) even rolled in the snow before jumping in the spa!

Mason and his friend had their first downhill ski lesson. He REALLY wanted to snowboard but because of his age could only try snowboarding in a private lesson ($$). Instead we opted for an afternoon camp which turned out to be a great choice as there were only three of them in the class. They accomplished a lot in the afternoon. This is definitely something we'll pursue in the future. Before the end of the season we've promised an introduction to snowboarding (at our local hill) and Mickey will try downhill next winter. The coaches were excellent and we highly recommend their programs.

Blue Mountain is beautiful, especially at night. It's just such a great atmosphere.

Another fun outing was to Aqua Plunge which happens to be attached to the Westin Trillium. It's an indoor/outdoor water park. It's not huge and has a design resembling a boathouse. Again the outdoor pools are awesome. The boys and Mick had a blast on the rope swing and outdoor slide.

On the morning of the 20th Mason and I went for a walk to check out a race course. We completely lucked out and happened to book our trip the week of the Ski Cross World Cup. Our friend at Blue was actually one of the organizers. In the afternoon we all went to check out the excitement. There were 150 racers from all over the world and many of the Canadians were also competing for a place on the yet to be determined Olympic team. If you haven't watched a ski cross race it is worth checking out. Very exciting! We watched a number of the trials and man, are they fast! Even saw a couple of spills (everyone was fine). Canadians came out and showed their spirit. We will definitely be cheering on our woman and men's team at the Olympics.

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