Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is this structured homeschooling?

I'm not too sure what type of homeschooler I'd call myself. I'm a little bit of everything. Back in August I took my calendar and scheduled all of their reading, grammar, math and history curriculum lessons. Not that I planned on sticking to this plan religiously but it gave me a rough idea for how the year should go. In the first picture you can see my scheduled plans (done in August).

In this picture you can see reality. I rarely ever do what I had initially planned. Sometimes I'm behind schedule and sometimes I'm ahead of schedule. Each day we do learning activities I try to record what we've done and I highlight them. The stuff in yellow is the work we've done. I do this for two reason; one to keep a record for myself and anyone else who cares and the other, to reassure myself that we're actually getting work done!

Art is always done on Thursday when another learning buddy is here with us. As far as the other learning activities go, we learn on a whim or follow a unit study (on a particular interest). These areas aren't structured as far as what I'm going to do when but once I decide on a topic or subject I usually set up activities which are "somewhat" structured. I throw a little Charlotte Mason in here and a little unschooling there. We're definitely a hodge podge of homeschooling styles, but it works for us!

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