Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alpaca Farm

Our Around the World Expo is fast approaching. We've been doing little bits of study here and there. Nothing too ovewhelming. I thought it might be fun to visit a local alpaca farm (since they are from Peru) as part of our study. We went with another family and although we were only there for an hour it was great. The kids got to ask LOTS of questions and were able to get quite close to the animals and learned very quickly that they are quite shy. Mickey had a hard time with this. She expects every animal to love her! They were even allowed to take them for a walk. What a thrill. One of the highlights was when the owner brought out three kittens for us to hold. I must say that I was quite tempted to bring one home. We came home with some fleece and literature and lots to tell Daddy.

After the farm visit we had a quick lunch in the car (since it was raining) and then we decided to brave a hike at a local provincial park that I had never been to before. Everyone knows that I love to hike....well, this one was something else! Thank goodness I didn't have one of the dogs along. I've never been on a trail before where you walk along a cliff (sheer drop off to a raging river below) and there's absolutely no type of fencing or guard rail in place. Perhaps my uneasiness had something to do with my fear of heights, but really, could they not put a fence in?

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