Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Insects and Gardens

Fabulous co-op day today. Our session was on insects. Mickey's attention span has really improved. She did a great job listening to the discussion today, although she was intent on opening up the bug cages! The kids and moms learned a lot about insects. I never would have picked this as a topic to do with my kids so I'm grateful for the co-op. We really benefit from everyone else's interests and expertise! For our craft today, one mom had them make firefly necklaces that even light up. The kids were thrilled.

We missed our sessions on plants last week because of illness so I brought along our supplies and we did a little bit of planting. The planting system I picked up for convenience didn't work as well as I had hoped - actually it was a bit of a disaster! I should have gone with simple pots and dirt. Why does everything have to be so complicated these days! We'll be very lucky if any of the plants grow!

Anyhow, it was a great day. We spent almost 7 hours out in the sun. Fantastic!

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