Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Time!

I have been so looking forward to going to the homschooling conference this year. After reading Susan Wise Bauer's book, "The Well Trained Mind" I've been feeling really revved up about next year! She does a fantastic job of planning out the years and planning across the curriculum. My weakness is History but with her Story of the World I'm feeling a little more confident. She also does an amazing job of listing all of the resources that will be needed to make the home program successful. I'm also considering her science plan as well. Seems to work very well with the history. I think we'll hold off on the history though for another year!

Anyhow, the conference was good. Lots of friends to see. I ended up only going to two of the workshops; Brain Gym and Jim Weiss. I wanted to spend the rest of my time going around the trade fair and checking out resources. So you can see by the picture what I purchased (colouring book of cars not included). I purchased the first three books of Explode the Code for Mason. That will take him through next year and will complement his phonics program. I was going back and forth between Math U See and Bob Jones math. I wasn't even going to pick up any math because I like to pull from a variety of resources, but it is nice to have everything in one book. I went with Bob Jones for this year because it is colourful and will be attractive to a five year old. Got lots of opinions from different people so we'll see how it works. I also picked up some math manipulatives, a fun knitting tool for Mickey which I've been looking for and a children's book of bible stories. I figured that it was time I introduced them to the stories. Mom will be happy!

For those of you who read my blog. People blog for different reasons. I've only opened up my blog to a few people and it isn't searchable. My original intention was to create the blog as a record of our homeschooling (plus the other record keeping I do). I also wanted family to be able to see what we are doing. I don't spend a lot of time on what I write, I am using this as a journal and as a way to record our homeschooling progress and plans. Thank you for visiting!

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Karen said...

I blog for pretty much the same reasons - as a record, as a way to connect with some of our family and for me, it's also one of my organizing tools.

I think your blog is great. I love being able to see what you are up to, and to get a glimpse into how other people spend their days.

Thanks for letting me read!