Friday, May 15, 2009


Epcot is one of Disney's hidden gems. It's not known for it's wild rides. There are two sections to Epcot, Futureworld and World Showcase. World Showcase consists of pavilions showcasing 11 different countries. Children can have passports stamped and can do a craft at each pavilion. Every country is showcased in a different way. A day could be spent in this section alone. Our favourites were Mexico and Norway.

View across the lake of the World Showcase. 
In Future World there are a number of different exhibits. Each one is quite educational if time is taken to thoroughly enjoy them. One of Mason's favourites was Spaceship Earth where you travel into the sphere and take a look at each of the past decades. In the Seas we visited the Nemo attraction twice. This was Mickey's favourite. We also went to Turtle Talk with Crush (from Nemo). This is another of Disney's animated marvels. The audience can communicate with animated Crush. Unbelievably well done. Facial expressions are amazing. In the same building we were able to see a manatee up close and learn all about them.
The Land was one of my favourites. The US FDA is working with Disney on a variety of research projects and this building is where the work is being done and showcased. We got to see some really incredible growing projects being done with a variety of fruits and vegetables. For example; tomatoes growing upside down, plants growing hanging up without soil, etc...Below is a picture taken on the boat tour through the greenhouse. Behind the scenes tours are also available.
This is one of the fish farm research projects being down inside The Land. There's also a restaurant in the land where visitors can try foods that have been grown on the property.

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