Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Hotel

Our drive down to Orlando, Florida was memorable. We thought we were leaving the snow behind but as it turned out we drove through it for 12 hours out of the 24 hour drive. Much of this was through the mountains in the dark. We didn't mind driving none stop but next time we'll do it in a bigger vehicle. A Toyota Matrix was a little tight! Thank goodness for portable DVD players!

Here's our hotel. We chose to stay at one of the moderate Disney hotels, Port Orleans French Quarter. We've both stayed on site a few times before (once for our honeymoon) and highly recommend it. The small amount saved to stay off sight isn't worth the aggravation and honestly Disney just does everything right. We really had no complaints about the hotel. We were there at the busiest time of year and I can honestly say that we did not feel it at the hotel. The nice thing about this property is that it has a sister property called Riverside within a short walk. Therefore, more restaurants, another pool and play area, etc...

Here's the back of the hotel. From here you can take a riverboat to Downtown Disney which was great. 

Our pool at French Quarter. Every moderate hotel has a slide with their pool.

A drawing area for the kids in the cafeteria.

Riverside Hotel.

We were in Disney over Easter and were wondering if they'd have anything planned. They told us to show up at the hotel's courtyard at 9 am on Easter morning.  This is what we saw - a cordoned off courtyard filled with candy and toys.
When they did the countdown, the kids all ran out (different areas for different ages) with their given bags and filled them to the brim. They had so much fun. Afterwards they were able to line up for a photo with Minnie and Mickey. 

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