Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hollywood Studios

It was a scorcher at Hollywood Studios the day we went. The first attraction we went to was The Little Mermaid. We used a Fast Pass to avoid the lines. It was very well done. We tried to get into the Buzz Lightyear attraction but all Fast Passes had been used for the day and the lines were too long. 

Below is a picture of a covered play area called Honey I Shrunk the Kids. All the sets are oversized to match the theme of the movie. Really neat. The kids had a blast while Heinrich and I were on hyper parent alert making sure we didn't lose them! They had fun and that's all that mattered.

Behind Heinrich and the kids is a set backdrop. 
Another parade....

We didn't spend more than a half day at Hollywood Studios. This is something we'll do in more depth on our next visit. Heinrich and I enjoyed our visit here last time. Some highlights were Indiana Jones and the Backlot tour (really cool to see how movies are made).

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