Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our girl, Emma

We've had our girl Emma since we were married. She'll be 11 in January. Can't believe it. She's a typical Rotti, or I should say, what a Rotti really is. She's sweet, loving, gentle, and incredibly loyal. She has always been MY dog. Heinrich is her playmate, as are the kids, but she's mine, all mine! She's never been much of a guard dog but has on occasion demonstrated some potential. Rotties have a terrible reputation but the fact of the matter is, they're really nothing like what the uninformed think of them. When Emma was younger we had to get our neighbour to come into the house to let her out when we were away for an extended amount of time. Karen came in and couldn't find her. Eventually she found her hiding under a desk in one of our bedrooms. Quite the guard dog!

So last night we were out with friends for dinner and we left the kids with a new sitter. A sweet fellow homeschooler who is 20 days away from her 12th birthday!! Anyhow, she was thrilled to have Emma keep her company. We imagined that Emma would be glued to her side until we got home. When we came home, Emma was laying between the front door and the hallway to the kid's bedrooms. She was in the precise location that would enable her to have one eye on the front window and door and one eye on the kid's rooms. I've always wondered if she would protect the kids and low and behold, I guess she would. Who needs a sitter when you have a Rott! She's awesome!

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