Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tradition #1: Sentimental Ornaments

I'm a big believer in traditions. I think it gives kids security and something that can be passed down through the generations. I love our Christmas tree and all of it's ornaments. It is not a designer tree. The colours are not all coordinated and some ornaments are just downright gaudy. Every year, in the months leading up to Christmas we usually pick up 2 or 3 ornaments that represent a time in our year. It may be a trip, an activity, or a special memory. At least three quarters of our ornaments (and we have A LOT) have a memory. When we go to trim the tree our family talks about each ornament and the memory they represent. Eventually these ornaments will be divided up between the two kids and passed on to their families.

A bike to remember Heinrich's mountain bike outing with Humpy DOWN Blue Mountain. CRAAAAZY!

An ornament in memory of a very special student of mine and Mason's namesake.

Our trip to Nova Scotia in an RV.

This ornaments remind us of some of our favourite Jan Brett books.

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