Monday, December 22, 2008

Wooden Snowmen and Easy Christmas Tree

A easy craft that looks good too!
1) Cut square based blocks of wood in different sizes.

2) Drill holes 2/3 the way down on both sides (for the arms)

3) Prime and paint white.

4) Place a sock (kids size) on top. Knot end.

5) Take small branches and hot glue into the holes.

6) Tie a small piece of ribbon above the holes/arms.

7) Using hot glue, glue buttons down centre.

8) Glue on a nose (orange pipecleaner would work)

9) With a black felt tip marker, draw on the face.

1) Take a wooden skewer and place in square of plastercine

2) Cut out 6-8 concentric circles in green felt or bristol board.

3) Centre the circles on skewer and place them on from large to small (to form a tree).

4) Decorate!

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