Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tradition #3: Present Opening

I'm jumping the gun a little here but I'll back up in the next post! The first gift the kids open is Santa's. In the past we've always had this one out of the box and/or assembled. This year they will open this gift and while I'm getting breakfast ready they will do the assembly with Daddy! I've heard rumblings from some Elves that they're getting Playmobil! This way they can savour Santa's gift! When the present opening starts we open one present at a time. I divvy out a gift to each person and they get opened one at a time so that the present gets our full attention. We make sure that the kids know who the present if from since some are from special relatives who are out of the country. We try to take a photo as well to share with the missing relative or friend in a thank you card. By opening them one at a time this slows the process down. It's also a chance for the kids to see that it's not just about them but about everyone being appreciated on Christmas.

Last year we put some of Mickey's gifts away after Christmas because she got a fair bit between her birthday and Christmas. Throughout the year we pulled them out and she loved the idea of a new toy in the middle of the year. We may try to do this with both this year. We'll see what a sales job we can do!

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