Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ottawa....here we come!

It was Family Day yesterday which made it a long weekend. What a great idea for the middle of February. We went up to Ottawa, again! We go a lot because two of my best friends live there. It just happened that Winterlude was on as well. Although the weather was warm and rainy last week it didn't affect our Winterlude plans at all. On Saturday morning we spent some time at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec until just after lunch when Winterlude opened. Most of our time was spent in the Children's Museum which was FABULOUS! I'm already planning our next trip which will be a learning one with lots of focus. These photos were taken in the Children's Museum. Mason's favourite exhibit was the model freight ship with working cranes and loads to be picked up and unloaded. We did some origami and each child was given a passport which they could stamp at each country's activity. So much fun! These are our friends in these photos. I'll post tomorrow with pictures of Winterlude.

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Karen said...

that museum is excellent - although it definitely needs repeat trips! There's almost too much.

Glad you had a good time