Monday, February 2, 2009

A Valentine Mailbox

For some reason we are really into Valentine's Day this year. Probably because we have some new penpals. Way more than any other year. For any friends or family reading this, the kids would love to receive a card in the mail! Thanks in advance! Here's an idea for making a mailbox that can be hung somewhere like their bedroom door.

Step 1: Take two paper plate (the heavier the better) and cut one in half. Save the other half for another child.

Step 2: Punch holes with hole punch around the perimeter of the semi-circle.
Step 3: Place the semi-circle on top of the full size place and trace the holes. Punch out these holes.

Step 4: Using string, yarn, or even a pipecleaner, have the kids lace up the two pieces.

Step 5: Punch two holes at the top in the centre. Using ribbon, string or yarn create a loop so it can easily be hung.

Step 6: Decorate

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